BlossomPure Organic // Branding

BlossomPure is a small organic market located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that sells a range of locally and ethically sourced organic produce, diary, eggs, and meat. They have been serving their loyal customer base since 2002.

To coincide with their expansion to a new retail location, I was commissioned to help them revitalize their identity.

It was important that the new identity be fresh and able to attract new customers, while not isolating their existing client base. The design of the logo needed to align with the values important to BlossomPure's customers.

A new design was proposed with a more human feel, using a serif & sans-serif type combination for the name, an earth-toned color palette, and a stylized illustration of a Mennonite farm.

BlossomPure's package labels were also reviewed and a system was designed in line with the new visual language.

Previous identity.

Guidelines on minimum buffer space.

Possible color applications.

Color palette.

Previous label, and sample of new labels.